`Holding it In` is the story of one family’s long, arduous effort to aid  another.


The story follows the dream of giving life and follows the delicate boundaries that are drawn and torn down within the family. It examines what the core of wanting to undertake this controversial step is and confronts the consequences that follow: the question “who does this body belong to”, the surroundings’ and children’s response, the couple’s inner struggles and the tightening and entangling relations with the couple for whom they carry the child until the surprising finale.


The film revolves around Chen Rotem, musician, singer songwriter, and her dream of becoming a surrogate. Together with her husband, Omer Yefman and their two little children they embark, as a family, on their surrogacy journey. While considering different potential expectant couples they discover that their friends are looking for a surrogate. The closeness of the two couples, their close acquaintanceship and friendship are tested again and again during this complicated pregnancy. 


This film follows the process of surrogacy, but in actuality it dissects and defines "giving" and "intimacy". It touches upon ethical and social issues and introduces the viewer to simple people who chose to do a deed larger than life. 

The Film

Producer: Ari Davidovich       
Cinematographer: Omer Yefman, Chen Rotem
Editor: Eyal Tsarfati
Sound designer: Ronen Nagel
Original Music: Avi Belleli
Online & color: Steve Sebban

Produced with the help of:

yes Docu, Rabinovich Film Foundation