Omer Yefman

A Documentary and feature film maker. In most of his works, film-making serves as a therapeutic transference of mental and emotional processes. Among his works are the films “All Happy Mornings”, “Ben’s Mom”, “Yoland”, an “And the Land was Chaos” episode and short features made with at-risk Youth. Omer is the director and cinematographer of “Holding it In”


Chen Rotem

Musician with a social activism agenda. Writer and composer. Teaches vocal pedagogy and writing. Chen has released three albums, she writes for and participates in “The night is songs” and “Night guards”. Partner director and cinematographer of the film “Holding it In”


 When we first started out on our surrogacy journey, it was clear that the camera will be tagging along. As far back as the film’s embryonic stage, we filmed and documented and decided to remain exposed even when unsure as to where the path will lead us.

We filmed for four years.


Four years in which our children grew right in front of the camera and our own relationship deepened and changed. It was not always easy to turn the camera on, but we decided that we are opening our home and our heart to the Act of  Documenting.

We tried to create a personal record that examines the many aspects of a complicated process, full of conflicts. 


`What is good for the film is not good for real life` we told ourselves time and time again, as complications in life are always great for a film. Repeatedly, the camera functioned as a mediator and the documenting process succeeded in healing differences and settling arguments, we grew used to it. We felt it turn from burden to strength and in many fragile and sensitive moments we came to realize that it is not we who are holding the camera but rather the camera that is holding us aloft.

The surrogacy process has exposed us to a complicated, new world, but mostly, it has acquainted us with ourselves.


We are excited to share our journey with a fresh audience that, with each viewing, grants our film new meaning.